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3D Packing is the attempt of putting objects together as dense as possible in a container or something else. In the following case the script will give only a hint of how something like that might look like. Because the realy effective scripts are highly complex to compute and given algorithms aren´t very cheap.

This shows [...]


2D-Packing / Stripes

Here are parallelisms to Mosaic / 2d packing style eventough the system is oriented to  one direction.
With this technique you are able to purposely emphasize the movement in space and time of an object by its flow or structure in space.
Or work against it with intent. On the one hand there is [...]


2D Packing with 3D Objects

This is a very simiar priciple like 2D packing / Mosaic but instead of flat objects I used Boxes Spheres or other stuff.

1.) with planes (here it could be interesting to use written postits or something like that instead of the color information) 2.) with boxes

Variations with Spheres

Side view. Boxes with different heights.

The Cylinders with [...]



The Main concept of 2D Package art or Mosaic art is that clusters of similar pixels gets combined to a flat (here the biggest size goes about a square from 5 x 5 pixels)

For some historical background you may read the History part of my Voxelart/3d Pixel article.
In generell the packing of circles [...]


3D Pixel / Voxel

I first got in contact with Voxel (volumetric pixel) or Pixelgraphic in 2008 by a briefing, for telling “the story of the pixel”. In early 2009 I did some scenes which are shown down below.
The origin of Voxelart is´nt clearly defined. On the one Hand there is the technical Background. Like its straight grid is [...]