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2D Packing with 3D Objects

This is a very simiar priciple like 2D packing / Mosaic but instead of flat objects I used Boxes Spheres or other stuff.

1.) with planes (here it could be interesting to use written postits or something like that instead of the color information) 2.) with boxes

Variations with Spheres

Side view. Boxes with different heights.


The Cylinders with its wings present some kind of colorpicker, who show the color information of a pixel or of a summarized group.
To get some analog effect in there I filmed the ready made film again through a wine bottle.

Stopmotion test. I used Onion Skinning to conduct the peas or corns positions through a given movie.


HavenĀ“t found any links or examples for now. If you know some I would be very pleased if you send them.

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