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2D-Packing / Stripes

Here are parallelisms to Mosaic / 2d packing style eventough the system is oriented to  one direction.

With this technique you are able to purposely emphasize the movement in space and time of an object by its flow or structure in space.
Or work against it with intent. On the one hand there is a intense structured pattern to one axis and some kind of more chaotical system on the other axis (remember we find ourselfes in a 2D Space).


Examples for different directions of a 2D-Packing / Stripe system.


Some Variations of lenght, chaos and form of the stripes.


Example for animation: I tried to use some kind of sewing effect. Remember these are always rough previews.


It could be interesting to see this system operating in a more than one-directional way.

A next step would be to give the lines (non random) changes of direction.
So that the lines wouldn´t flow just in one direction but building curls or swirls (like something in a van gogh painting).
Or maybe furthermore find different directions for different objects within an illustration.


Matchstick art. Not realy the same but similiar

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