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3d Packing title3D Packing is the attempt of putting objects together as dense as possible in a container or something else. In the following case the script will give only a hint of how something like that might look like. Because the realy effective scripts are highly complex to compute and given algorithms aren´t very cheap.

This shows how my testscript in generel works. A volume is filled with objects that are scaled as much as possible. You may recognize that there tend to be bigger objects in the middle and smaller at the borders.

These are different tests. Varying in size, rotation or Form.

In comparison to a chaotically particle order (right side), these elements appear coherent and(at least should) fit into each other.

Like seen above this technique may be used to create some kind of coral effect.


It might be very interesting to work with some better algorithm like that one, that Frauenhover Institut developed.
One next step would be to exchange the boxes by objects.


Here the skull gets compound by the elements. It´s good to see how it builds up from bigger to smaller elements.

This is a test when an animation is filled with packing boxes.

Alec Jobsons article about Sphere Packing

Some packing of boxes. Done with Structure Synth.

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    Wow, these are really amazing! Do you do this in Structure Synth? or other software?

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